The forty days of Lent present each of us with the opportunity to draw closer to Christ. It is a time of solemnity, self-reflection, and repentance before we once again commemorate Jesus’ crucifixion on Good Friday and his resurrection from the grave on Easter Sunday. We take up practices that help us experience the full meaning of Jesus’ sacrifice, but also to become aware of and responsive to the needs of others. The three traditional practices of Lent are prayer, fasting, and almsgiving. We do these Lenten practices not to make our lives more difficult, but to turn our minds and hearts towards what is essential. The small sacrifices of Lent draw us first towards ourselves, but then our attention and prayer turns toward the passion and suffering of our Lord and, also that of our sisters and brothers.

“As we are still in the midst of this global pandemic, we developed these resources so that we can find ways to make this Lenten journey in community.”


Please explore the tabs above that outline opportunities for prayer and reflection – opportunities to look inward –  like the daily Scripture readings, the University Mass schedule, a retreat opportunity, and other spiritual practices during these forty days. We also provided ideas for completing service for Lent – opportunities to extend ourselves outward as a way to make the needs of our sisters and brothers our own.


Questions or concerns? Contact the Office of Campus Ministries and the Center for Service & Social Justice – the DeNaples Center second floor.

Center for Service & Social Justice – (570) 941- 7429

Campus Ministries – (570) 941-7419,


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